Tips For Backing Up Phone, Phablet And Tablets Online


Losing your mobile phone or tablet can be less of a hassle if you have the data on it backed up online through services like Google Plus Auto Backup for photos, Apple’s iCloud or Microsoft SkyDrive, but some people have bigger concerns about more sensitive personal information. Most mobile systems now include built-in software that can find your device on a map — and even remotely lock or erase it to help protect your information.

Google recently updated its Android Device Manager service to now lock missing phones and tablets, as well as find and erase them remotely. To use or test the feature on an Android-powered gadget, log into your Google account at

Apple also stepped up mobile security in its new iOS 7 software with the Activation Lock tool, which is intended to prevent thieves from turning off the tracking feature or trying to resell the device; instructions for using the Find My iPhone service are in the company’s support database.

Microsoft has its own online service for Windows Phone owners to locate, ring, lock or erase their handsets remotely.

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