USB Condom keeps your Device safe

usb condom

Ding ding, yes it’s true. Condoms can significantly reduce the likelihood of you catching some nasty virus except this condom is designed for the digital kind USB Condom.

Believe it or not, we’ve come to a place in this world where your phone, gadgets and other devices need a condom, too, because phones get diseases just like humans do.usb condom

‘USB Condoms’ prevent accidental data exchange when your device is plugged in to another device with a USB cable. USB Condoms achieve this by cutting off the data pins in the USB cable and allowing only the power pins to connect through.Thus, these ‘USB Condoms’ prevent attacks like ‘juice jacking,'” said the maker,

It said the condoms allow a user to charge a phone on a work computer—or charging stations in public—without worrying that data could be stolen or wiped.

A separate report on PC World said the condom allows only the power pins to come into contact with the port.

It added juice jacking has been a point of discussion among hackers.

But it added the USB Condom is not an entirely new idea, as designer Ko Yang came up with a concept “USB Condom” in 2009.

“The product renderings were posted on Yanko Design. However,’s version appears to be a real product; it will be sold starting on September 16, and while the price isn’t listed, Fast Company reports that it will be ‘priced very very cheaply,'”

“If you’re going to run around plugging your phone into strange USB ports, at least be safe about it. ;-) ,” reads’s description.


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